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As the business landscape continues to digitalize, the possibilities for cybercrime and hacking have increased exponentially. Data breaches and hacks can cause irreparable damage to companies - both big and small. How do businesses protect their information while attacks are happening every single day? The answer is Cybersecurity Management.

Cybersecurity is the protection of networks, data, programs, and devices from unauthorized access and cyberattacks. Cybersecurity Management professionals aim to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of users’ information through a constantly evolving set of techniques, training, best practices, and technological skill.

Program at a Glance

Degree Program:

Cybersecurity Management Undergraduate Certificate

Offered By:

University of Colorado Colorado Springs


Cost Per Credit:


*Approximate tuition per credit hour based on the number of credits taken

Cost Per Credit:


*Approximate tuition per credit hour based on the number of credits taken

Credit Hours:




Program Details

Cybersecurity Management Undergraduate Certificate – Online

The Cybersecurity Management undergraduate certificate is designed to meet the increasing employer demand for cybersecurity professionals to protect corporate IT assets. It will prepare students for a career in cybersecurity across diverse industry sectors including finance, healthcare, government, and defense. The course sequence in Cybersecurity Management emphasis will train students for entry-level and mid-level cybersecurity roles of cybersecurity analysts, risk analysts, cybersecurity consultants, and IT Auditors. Students will develop the necessary skills and competencies to handle day-to-day cybersecurity operations and programs in organizations.

Tuition and Fees

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The certificate will require completion of 12 credits. The student will select four courses from the below courses to meet the required credit hours. These courses include:

  • INFS/CYSM 3500 - Fundamentals of Information Security and Cybersecurity
  • INFS/CYSM 3750 – Organization Cyber Security
  • CYSM 4100 – IT Risk Management
  • CYSM 4300 – IT Security Auditing
  • CYSM 4500 – Ethical Hacking
  • Approved Cybersecurity Elective