Request for Proposal: Grow Existing or Create New Online Programs


UCCS Online seeks proposals for new or expanded asynchronous fully online academic programs that are poised for enrollment growth. Our mission is to continuously pursue and implement high-quality online programs that give students greater access to effective, flexible post-secondary learning opportunities.


Please submit by March 1, 2024.

Support Provided

Partnership Opportunity

Our department will provide funding and support through:

  • Project management and oversight
  • Financial assessments to ensure sustainability
  • Marketing, recruitment, and enrollment support
  • Program and course design collaboration and support
  • Faculty training and consultations in digital pedagogy

Required Commitments

Faculty will receive a stipend for course development

Programs that are accepted into partnership must:

  • Be approved by the Dean of the School or College
  • Ensure internal and external scalability of the program by 200+ in the next three years
  • Complete faculty training related to online course delivery
  • Collaborate with Instructional Designers on course development and utilize agreed upon templates
  • Follow OSCQR rubric to adhere to best practices
  • Adhere to agreed-upon timelines and offer all courses required in the program for student completion

Department Next Steps

Complete the following steps:

  1. Review required program information
  2. Ensure department and faculty willingness to participate
  3. Submit an application by March 1, 2024

Download the Request for Proposal (PDF)Download the Request for Proposal (PDF)

Download the Proposal Form (Fillable PDF)Download the Proposal Form (Fillable PDF)

Please download the form to complete the information. You will need to open the form from your computer using Adobe to add your signature. When you’ve completed the form, please have all stakeholders listed sign and electronically send back to Dr. Melinda Lien,

Contact us for more information and support with the RFP process.